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About this site

This site is part of the RCOG's initiative to help improve maternity services. It brings together information about various aspects of maternity care across NHS trusts in England, known as 'maternity indicators'. This allows the services, and healthcare professionals involved in delivering care to women and their babies, to compare how they are doing with other services and the national average, and identify areas for improvement.


Bringing together reliable and meaningful information on maternity services has been a priority for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists since 2013 when the first report on maternity indicators was published. The results on this site are based on the latest data analysis, looking at deliveries between March 2013 and April 2014.

When comparing the rates of procedures or outcomes within health services, we need to take into consideration the fact that services in different areas, with different populations, might naturally expect higher or lower than average rates of particular procedures or outcomes. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything is being done wrong. For example, an inner city area with a diverse population would likely have different results to those of a very rural community, simply because of the different women being cared for. We have accounted for some risk factors such as previous birth history, age and social deprivation to ensure that comparing results for trusts across the country is as fair as possible.

Can this site be useful to me?

This website is primarily intended for those working in the NHS, to use the data as a tool to gain an overview of the performance of their service and identify areas for improvement. The results may also be of interest to researchers, and members of the public interested in NHS maternity care in England.

The site is not designed to be a resource to help women and their families make decisions about where to give birth, though you may still find the information of interest.

The data on the site covers English NHS trusts only. The indicators are presented at trust level. Some trusts will have several different maternity units, but at the moment there's no reliable way to separate out the information for different hospitals, midwifery-led units or birth centres within a trust.

Useful resources

Preparing for birth can be an exciting, but sometimes an anxious time with many things to consider and decisions to make. Feeling well-informed and supported can make decisions easier, and those involved in your care - your midwife, obstetrician and GP - are there to help with this.

You may find the following websites useful throughout your pregnancy and when preparing for birth:

Please contact your local trust for more information about local maternity services.